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Q: What's a FAQ?
A: It stands for Frequently Asked Questions. I post a bunch of stuff that may answer your questions. (Or may just be interesting to no one else but me :P)

Q: What's the difference between Kanji Flip and Japanese Flip?
A: Kanji Flip teaches only kanji. Japanese flip teaches only Japanese vocabulary using kanji. So start with Kanji Flip if you need to learn or refresh your kanji. Get Japanese Flip if you already know hiragana, katakana, and want to learn vocabulary using kanji as the question for each word's meaning.

Q: How come the words never all pile up in the Ancient area?
A: Please realize that the goal of learning (and this program) is to continually strengthen your mind. There is no such thing as "finished". The words in a set will never all pile up in the Ancient area. After you exhaust all the untested words, the oldest previously tested words will be put back into testing rotation -- even if you answer it correctly. This is done on purpose.

Q: How do I go into Reverse Mode: English to Japanese?
A: Touch the Options button on the bottom of the start screen.

Q: I love Japanese Flip, now can you add ... ?
A: This is pretty much how most emails/comments go. The answer is: email me and I'll really try to figure out if I can do it. Mostly if I can't do it, it's due to screen real estate, not lack of desire. If that sounds like an excuse, you program an iPhone app without making it cluttered, ugly, or over bloated.

Q: Will you add the features I demand if I threaten you with a bad review?
A: No. Threats of a bad review or demands of any kind will simply be ignored.

Q: Are you going to put out Chinese Flip, Spanish Flip, etc...
A: Yes. Spanish will likely be next. Chinese after that. French. Italian.

Q: Obviously you don't love Japanese, because you'd NEVER put out Spanish Flip if you did!
A: Not true. My program works equally well for other languages.

Q: OK, so how about a GAME like Japanese Flip with even more fun stuff?
A: More likely for Kanji Flip than Japanese Flip, but we'll see.

Q: I think I found some mistakes. What should I do?
A: Write me an email and I'll be glad to add the fix into the next update.

Q: OK, this FAQ really isn't answering my questions... What's your favorite band?
A: Iron Maiden.